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Canaan is 18 Months

July 24, 2016


Cannot believe it has been so long since we blogged. We have been so busy that the last few months have flown by. Work is picking up in Europe for our photography business, which is great, but leaves our personal photos to suffer tremendously.

wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-100 wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-101

Now our favorite baby is 18 months old. This is the most fun age yet. Canaan is incredibly cute and quite smart. All I know is that we are having a blast. Canaan talks incessantly and learns new words every day. For months he called airplanes something that sounded a lot like “mama.” But just Wednesday he started saying airplane perfectly. I told Zach that is a great example of how reinforcing the correct pronunciation, no matter how cute his babbles are, goes a long way in language development. I love nothing more than to hear him call blueberries “biyos,” but he almost has that one right now too.

wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-104 wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-105 wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-106

Canaan’s latest obsessions are airplanes, big buses, turtles and yogurt. He stopped nursing a few weeks ago and the only dairy product we can get him to eat is yogurt. He asks for yogurt all the time, when he wakes up, after he’s eaten a full lunch and especially before bedtime.

He is a huge eater. He just adores food and begs all day long. Yesterday morning for breakfast, he ate 3 zucchini muffins, an egg and some strawberries. That was more than we ate! Then an hour later he was pleading for a snack.

wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-107 wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-109 wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-124 wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-135

He is finally (mostly) sleeping through the night. Our months of agony seem so long ago now. But now that Canaan is sleeping a longer stretch at night, that means he wakes up even earlier. It has been a long time since 6 or 6:30 was my wake-up time everyday.

Canaan still only has 6 teeth and a handful of hair, but things are slowly changing. We think he is just perfect the way he is.

wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-136 wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-140 wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-143

I am in love with Canaan’s little personality. He loves people and is so friendly. He smiles and giggles all day. He does have his toddler moments, but I find myself being more in awe of him everyday. I tell him all the time you are so cute! He usually says…”no.”

wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-145 wearethehoffmans_austriavacation-156

These photos were taken last week in the Austrian alps. My (Jenny) favorite place on earth. So glad my little babe got to explore a bit. I could tell he loved it there just as much as we did.

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Happy 6 Years – Our Story

March 13, 2016

wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0001 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0002

I remember the first time I saw him. He was standing across the room strumming a guitar and rocking a mohawk. It is safe to say that it was not love at first sight, but in just a few short months, he would become one of my best friends.

wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0003 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0004

One my earliest memories of us was when we were at worship practice in our campus ministry’s campus house and it was so chilly. After making him sing the unfamiliar songs with me (after he assured me that he didn’t sing), he surrendered his sweatshirt. I knew then that this kind one would be my friend. It took a little while to develop my affections, but soon enough I would grow to love that bearded fellow.

wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0005 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0006

Our sophomore year, Zachary, along with my best friend and roommate Rebekah and I became inseparable. We were constantly together, planning our next adventures. One day, Zachary confessed to Rebekah that he had feelings for me and she immediately let him know that he did not have the slightest chance. After all, I was a simple mountain girl, no one would assume I could be attracted to a bearded, long-haired skateboarder.

wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0007 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0013 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0008 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0009

A few days later, Rebekah and I had a lovely best friend dinner at Top of the Hill and I confessed to her that I was falling for Zachary. The shock on her face was evident and amidst the awkwardness, I sensed such a similar conversation had already taken place between the two of them. 

wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0011 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0012

When I first realized my affections for Zachary, butterflies took a permanent residence in my stomach. I remember them fluttering like crazy when I realized he may just like me as much as I like him.

wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0014 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0015

After a few weeks and some intentional conversations about Jesus and marriage, we were a couple. And soon we were in love. After all, we had been best friends for so long, dating was easy and I already knew I wanted him as my husband before we even held hands.

wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0016 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0017 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0018

One spring day of our senior year, Zachary surprised me with a lovely engagement ring and marriage proposal. Though I knew it would happen in time, he surprised me ten fold and that moment still leaves me breathless.
wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0020 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0021 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0022

After a grueling 9 months apart, he in Maryland and I in sunny South Carolina, we were finally married. March 13, 2010 at 4:32 pm. We were so nonchalant with everything that day. I would have been appalled at some of our wedding clients, if they would have had such a disorganized affair. But the lack of planning and go with the flow nature of the day was exactly us and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0024 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0025 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0026

We have been married 6 years today. How is in the world is that possible? God has blessed our marriage beyond measure. It has been easy being married to my best friend. Though at times our stubbornness and our hunger gets the best of us, we are crazily in love.

wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0027 Last year, our marriage was both challenged and strengthened after Canaan’s birth. Now our duo has become a trio and it is an even better version of “us.”

wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0029 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0030 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0031 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0032 wideeyedwalkers_hoffmanwedding_0033

I am not sure what the future will bring for us, but regardless, we have each other and a Father who loves us and cares for our lives.

Thanks to our dear friends, Abby (photo+video), Kate and Roxanne for our sweet photographs. Edited by us We are the Hoffmans.


Two are better than one. March 13, 2010, Jockey’s Ridge, NC.


An Exercise in Trust

February 4, 2016

To me, learning to trust is often an exercise in futility. And yet, we serve a faithful God. He proves his worth and His love over and over again, despite my repeatedly unsuccessful attempts to solve problems alone.


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A Year of Canaan

January 5, 2016


Today is Canaan’s birthday. You often hear parents remark, “they grow up so fast,” but rarely is a thought given to the truth in that statement. Especially when the sleepless nights seemed as though would never end. And yet…here we are. A year has passed in what seems like the blink of an eye. 2015 was a difficult and challenging year, but was easily the best year of our lives.

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Canaan is 10 Months!

November 7, 2015


We have had such a blessed month long trip to America. We came at just the right time for Canaan to LOVE being around family. We have a little social butterfly. He thrives being the center of attention and he usually abounds with smiles, giggles and jabbers. We have witnessed him blossom and grow in new and interesting ways.

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Canaan is 9 months!

October 6, 2015


This baby is now 9 months old. He got to celebrate this milestone in America, with his gramma, grandpa and uncles. When we arrived last week, Canaan was not only jet lagged, but also apprehensive of anyone except us.

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Fridays with Canaan – A Reprise

September 25, 2015


This baby of ours will be 9 months old in 10 days. Where has the time gone?! This little chunk keeps our days and nights eventful. Even at 8 months, he still does not sleep through the night. I have to admit I am jealous of mothers who have babies that rest well. Kind of hard to remember the last time I had a good night’s rest. But we love him anyway and goodness he is so darn cute!

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